Current Software Packages Offered

Grassroots Church Management System

We at GLXY are convinced that with a great database and some amazing software, the people in your church will will not only get tended to but they become invested into. This applcation is a rockstar among others because it's what you need to stay grassroots while maintaining a professional posture.  New features can be developed quickly and effectively because of its solid back-end database design.

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Sales Information System

Do you need a competitive advantage over your competition? This is your answer; a flexible, customizable front end application for all businesses.  Our system is down to earth and not like some of the large corporate applications that attempt to support your entire sales force.  We support any business environment and specialize in construction and restoration.  Take a look!

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Manufacturing Process Measurement

All managers love knowing exactly what is going on in your plant at any given point. That's why we created an system that records all your transactions from the plant floor allowing your team to see what's going on in real time.

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Customer Testimony

"We here at Orphan Grain Train highly recommend GLXY Software. It is a very user friendly system and it is now a pleasure to maintain our huge inventory."

Clayton Andrews